Entrepreneurship + Innovation

At the root of our mission is a commitment to inspiring and empowering each student to imagine where her curiosity can take her, both here at Marlborough and well into her future as a learner and a leader.


Our 阀杆+ program includes a robust curriculum for all grades in the areas of computer science, 机器人, engineering and math. Classes introduce technology and coding in the context of the course material with Physics students using the Scratch visual coding language to create physical simulations and 数学 classes using the Python programming language to illustrate concepts. 

Computer Science

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Our STEM program is enhanced by our interdisciplinary focus that also incorporates entrepreneurship, academic re搜索, 媒体, and digital arts. All housed together in the Shari and Ed Glazer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students and faculty from across multiple disciplines are encouraged to discover and collaborate through experiential learning.

Academic Re搜索

Curriculum at All Levels of Education

We believe it’s important to have 阀杆+ opportunities throughout middle and upper school. Students are supported to learn at their own pace, including through advanced re搜索 opportunities.

Middle School

Digital Citizenship
Middle School Electives

Upper School

Honors Capstone
Honors Re搜索 Program

Marlborough will not simply keep pace with the changing world; we will boldly pursue ideas that set the pace for the future of education and teaching.- Dr. Priscilla Sands, Head of School